Parent Executive Council

Roles may need to be reviewed in bylaws


Dave Gretzinger
  • Provide leadership to the Executive Members
  • Help guide and mediate Executive members with respect to setting priorities in order to achieve the mission of the band
  • Facilitate the effective functioning of the Council
  • Schedule meetings of the Council
  • Set agenda for meetings in consultation with other Executive Members
  • Submit agenda to Secretary for typing and distribution prior to Council meetings
  • Arrange for Secretary to collect/distribute pertinent reports prior to Council meetings
  • Chair meetings in an orderly and timely fashion
  • Appoint Presidents of committees, in consultation with other Executive members
  • Serve as ex officio member of committees and attend their meetings when invited
  • Act as a conduit through which all committees report
  • Facilitate the flow of communications among all parties – council members, co-conductors, band members, community
  • Communicate with the Executive Members and co-conductors regularly to discuss meeting agendas and band issues
  • Monitor financial planning and financial reports
  • Play a leading role in fundraising activities
  • Represent the council in the community
  • Evaluate annually the performance of the band in achieving its mission
  • Maintain band’s collection of music charts, including photocopying, collating, transportation to and from rehearsals and performances, and storage


—— TBD ———-
  • Provide leadership along with President
  • Perform President responsibilities when the President cannot be available
  • Ensure the responsibilities of Executive Members are maintained when they are unable to perform their duties
  • Reach out to school community to raise awareness of the band and the opportunities available for young, talented musicians
  • Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Members


Tat Wong, Andrew Baudner, Betty Pritchard

Focus on establishing budget, keeping the books, collecting dues, paying bills.

  • Set up and maintain organization’s bank account
  • Ensure appropriate financial controls are in place and followed for the receipt, disbursement and accounting of band’s funds
  • Manage receipt and disbursement of funds, including writing cheques, making bank deposits and providing a cash float when necessary
  • Prepare annual budget for discussion and approval by Executive Members and track annual against same
  • Responsible for being prime on any special projects that can directly impact the fiscal authority or influence of HRJ – including but not withstanding proposals for external grant funding applications, registered charity applications, letter of incorporation application etc. Such activities will be supported by the Council through a majority vote.
  • Ensure compliance with industry requirements with regards to the payment of royalties
  • Maintain all financial statements and present an update of all finances to Council on a regular basis, as determined by the Executive Members
  • Prepare fiscal year-end (October 31st) financial statements for review and approval by Council
  • File any required returns with Revenue Canada within the established time periods


Donna-Michelle Rancoeur

Focus on keeping all records, meeting minutes, and vote results for High Rendition Jazz

  • Maintain current list of band members and circulate to all Council members
  • Accurately record all of the business of all Council and Executive Member meetings
  • Obtain Chair’s approval and circulate minutes of Council meetings to Council members promptly after each meeting
  • Maintain a historical record of Council minutes
  • Compose all notices or letters as requested by the Chair
  • Maintain a file of an correspondence, council meeting minutes, financial reports, etc

To keep the band fed and happy at rehearsals, we ask parents to provide snacks for rehearsals – usually 2x per year. Nut-free snacks can include fruit or veggies, sweet or salty treats.

  • Create snack schedule sign up sheet for parents/band members
  • Transfer sign ups to Team Snap schedule so everyone knows when their snack day is
  • Reschedule as needed if rehearsal is cancelled or if band member will not be present with their snacks

Extended Council


Andrew Baudner, Iryna Barycheva
  • Focus on fundraising via sponsorships, grants, ticket sales, and silent auctions (or other activities)
  • Complete OAC grant report for previous year (September)
  • Complete OAC grant application for current year (October)
  • Collect relevant data through year: events, attendance, etc.
  • Lead fundraising for annual concert (auction, raffle, etc)
  • Investigate other fundraising opportunities


—— TBD ———-
  • Focus on applying for opportunities for the High Rendition Jazz band to play – both paid and unpaid
  • Search for new opportunities
  • Update EPK and letters
  • Apply for new and repeat shows: online forms or email messages
  • Make scheduling arrangements with Carmen and band members
  • Schedule on Team Snap
  • Work with event organizers on details of timing and equipment


Guy D’Alesio
  • Learn HRJ sound system
  • Teach select band members the sound set-up
  • Run sound at some performances (some have sound & tech provided)
  • Recommend for purchase any additional required gear
  • Update Technical Rider and band instructions as needed


Reema Duggal

Focus on creating awareness about High Rendition Jazz and promoting events and musicians

  • Manage and Update WordPress Website —–
    • Manage all website updates
    • Update HRJ website musicians section
    • Update front page of website
    • As events are finalized, add events to website and showcase on home page (event images are already made)
  • Flyers / Programs / Print Collateral —–
    • Create flyers for events – print as needed
    • Create programs for events – print as needed
    • Create tickets for events – print as needed
  • Local News —–
    • Submit articles to local news channels
    • publish events on Oakville Arts Council calendar


Rosanna D’Alesio

Focus on taking photos and showcasing the band. Work with marketing and social media.

  • Take all musicians photos, and prepare for website
  • Take photos at rehearsals and upload to shared drive
  • Take photos at events and upload to shared drive


Charlotte Rose

Focus on creating awareness about High Rendition Jazz and promoting events and musicians on social media

  • Create a social media strategy and calendar
  • Regularly update facebook with stories about the band, musicians, and events
  • Regularly tweet on Twitter
  • Regularly add images and stories to Instagram
  • Anything else that would help showcase

Events / Band Projects


Scott Pritchard

Help HRJ look great early in the season.

  • Organize clothing options / confirm styles
  • Provide sign-up sheet at rehearsals for:
    • Ties – mandatory – HRJ pays
    • Golf shirts – mandatory – member pays
    • Hoodies optional – HRJ subsidized
  • Collect payment (etransfer or cheque)
  • Place order with established vendor (or find a new one)
  • Pick up order and distribute at rehearsal

Note: Musicians are required to provide their own long sleeve black dress shirt, black pants, and black dress shoes.


Betty Pritchard

For each new musical piece the Musical Director decides to include in the band repertoire:

  • Work with Musical Director to source sheet music
  • Scan new music on large format copier
  • Upload to HRJ music Google drive
  • Print first copy for each musician


John Snopoli, Guy D’Alesio, Cameron Hebb, Prashant Lal

Focus is to figure out how to help the band be more effective with Logistics during set-up and teardown

  • Look at the storage room, and determine the best way to configure based on needs
  • Build any movable storage racks that would help the band
  • Build one / two rolling racks that could store the band equipment that needs to go to the storeroom every week


Pamela Chang, Andrew Baudner, Scott Pritchard

This event is a weekend (Friday night, Saturday, Sunday morning) retreat for the musicians. They get to know each other, learn from Sectional Clinicians, have a music competition, and have fun.

  • Choose date / location —–
    • Check availability of Retreat location – Albion Hills Conservation Area and determine costs
    • Send out poll with possible dates to HRJ members on Team Snap. Select date
  • Send out info —–
    • Send Retreat package with dates, directions, packing list, and forms to musicians
    • Confirm number of people attending / attendee names
    • Send info to Retreat location coordinators
  • Create room / roommate assignments —–
    • Recruit two parent chaperones to stay Friday night – 1 male / 1 female
    • Recruit two parent chaperones to stay Saturday night – 1 male / 1 female
    • Send information package to chaperones – date, time, location, directions
  • Hire Clinicians —–
    • Work with Music Director to hire sectional clinicians for workshop
    • Send information package to sectional clinicians – date, time, location, directions
  • Food —–
    • Finalize menu with Retreat Co-ordinator for Saturday and Sunday
    • Purchase pizzas, fruit, desserts, and drinks for Friday night
  • Weekend ——
    • Arrive to make sure setup is complete
    • Stay over weekend if acting as parent chaperone
    • Ensure departure is complete


Cheska Jackson

This workshop is run by High Rendition Jazz musicians for Halton Junior Jazz as a way of giving back to the community. The event is held during one of the Halton Junior Jazz practices.

  • Select date with Halton Junior Jazz Teachers
  • Send out communication to all HRJ members on Team Snap
  • Ask Musical Director to select which musicians will be sectional leads
  • Purchase Plates, napkins, utensils
  • Purchase drinks
  • Purchase fruit/dessert
  • Order Pizza’s
  • Set-up & Tidy up after Pizza
  • Be present at Workshop to oversee set-up, workshop, and tear down
  • Take informal candid photos of the workshop in progress and share on social media


Martha Sinopoli, Tat Wong, Scott/Betty Pritchard, Guy D’Alessio, Susan Diana

Our Annual Spring Fundraising Concert is the highlight of our year. It takes all the parents to get involved in some way. Families are requested to sell 10 tickets each for this event – including yourselves. It’s a great way for your musician to invite / sell tickets to family and friends.

  • Recruit Annual Concert Team
    • Create Sign Up Sheet – see current sheet here
    • Organize parents into various jobs to run event
    • Organize set up and volunteers at ticket desk
    • Organize set up / tear down of band
    • Organize set up and volunteers of bake sale
    • Organize set up and volunteers of silent auction
  • Select Date —–
    • Send out poll to HRJ with potential dates in April
    • Select / confirm date based on maximum availability
    • Invite Halton Junior Jazz – they play 3-5 songs at the beginning of the second set
  • Confirm / Book Location —–
    • St. Thomas Aquinas – Rebecca / Dorval is ideal
    • Book venue through Town of Oakville
  • Market Event —-
    • Promote event to friends / family
    • Post on social media
  • Sell Tickets —– (this needs an updated approach)
    • Get tickets printed
    • Create tally sheet for ticket sales
    • Distribute to HRJ & HJJ
    • Collect payments
  • Food/Bake Sale
    • Each family is asked to bring one of the following:
      • two dozen baked sweets
      • two dozen savouries
      • platter of dry snacks
      • veggie platter
      • fruit platter
    • Manage Bake Sale at Event – see current work plan here
  • Invite VIP’s
    • Invite Mayor, Councillors – complimentary tickets
    • Invite Music Teachers from Halton schools – at a minimum from band members current and past schools – complimentary tickets. Great way to get people to audition for HRJ


—— TBD ———-

We always need help with transporting the band equipment and general operations help for:

  • Open Reheasal – November 2019
  • Family Day – February 2020
  • Next Generation Jazz Festival – February 2020
  • Collingwood Regional Music Festival – March 2020
  • Hamilton Music On The Waterfront – July 2020
  • Canada Day – July 2020
  • Burlington Music In The Park – August 2020